Wednesday, April 11, 2012

How to make a Google Doc & Form for Giveaways - Select "Create" - Select "Spreadsheet"

Fill in Sample Questions that you would like to appear on your form

After your Sample Questions are filled out, Select "Tools" and then "Create A Form"

Delete Questions you DON'T want your Sponsors to fill in
(You'll be able to Enter what you'd like into the Spreadsheet Under them Questions)
SAVE FORM after you Delete Questions

After you've Saved your Form, It will close and return to your spreadsheet.
Click on "Form" then "Go to Live Form"

Here - Make sure the correct Questions are there and Enter in Sample Information
(Or Your information :-P) Then hit "Submit"

It should return to your Spreadsheet
The information you entered on the form should be entered into the Spreadsheet

THAT'S IT! After you've tested it, Copy your link to the form and SHARE!

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