Monday, February 6, 2012

SuperPoints *Earn REAL Cash*

Have you ever heard of Super Points?

It's an Invite ONLY website where you get paid in points.

How do you earn them points?
Completing surveys
Searching the web
Watching Videos
Signing up your Email (Daily Bonus Points)
PUSHING the Super Button

Sounds pretty simple huh? It really is that easy.....

Now you've earned points, what do you do next?
Every 500 Points you earn = $5.00

You can Turn 500 points into $5 Paypal Cash or a $5 Gift Card *LOTS to Choose from*
Or, if you'd like to save up your points, you can use them to order such things as Flat screen LCD T.Vs, IPods, IPads, Cameras and MANY other types electronics!!

So now that you know what the site offers, Give it a try.  :-)

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