Monday, January 23, 2012

Here's a GREAT way to Re-Purpose all those Nabisco Cookie/Cracker To Go Containers

If you happened to stock up on the FREE Nabisco To-Go Cookies and Crackers from Walmart or Dollar General, here is an AWESOME way to re-purpose the containers.

My son leaves his cups EVERYWHERE but home, so i'm constantly buying new ones. As a mom who LOVES to coupon and re-purpose things, as soon as my son was finished with one of these containers the light clicked on in my head.

Here's what I did:
Simply peel the label off the container (Super Easy)
Cut a Small "X" in the top of the lid with a sharp knife (Be Careful)
Wash out the container
Fill with whatever you'd like, insert a straw and that's it!

Super Easy

The cups are white so feel free to grab some permanent markers and have a little fun drawing on them with your children.

What's better then FREE Cookies and Crackers? FREE CUPS! :-P

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